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Digital Album - BLOOM

Digital Album - BLOOM

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Get a high-quality digitally downloadable WAV version (higher quality than MP3) of the whole album Bloom! PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A DIGITAL PRODUCT!

Why buy digital downloads from us instead of iTunes/Google/Amazon/Bandcamp?

When you order from us, 100% of the proceeds go back into our music, unlike when you buy from a third party, they take a large cut. Long story short: It helps us A LOT more when you buy direct from us AND you get the highest quality song format.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A DIGITAL PRODUCT and will be delivered to you through an immediate download after purchase. A copy will be sent to you via email as well. THIS IS NOT A PHYSICAL CD/ALBUM!


Track List:

1. I Won't

2. Waste This Day (feat. Chuck Bontrager)

3. Clock Strikes (Remastered)

4. Don't Stop

5. My Affliction (Remastered)

6. Sucked Into The

7. Supermassive Black Hole (feat. Matt "Hugs" Hughes)

8. It's All Over

9. Bloom

10. The Enemy is Knocking

11. Never Getting In (Orchestral Mix)


Originally released on October 9th, 2020.

Important information: By purchasing and downloading this song, you agree to all terms associated with our store and products including but not limited to the agreement that this is for personal use only. Reproducing, uploading, editing, or otherwise distributing this song for any gain, monetary or not, is strictly prohibited and doing so may result in legal action against you. See terms & conditions for full details.

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Customer Reviews

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David Baxter
A promising debut album for a young indie rock band from Vancouver

Stands on Sapphires first caught my attention with their cover of an old Muse song, "Supermassive Black Hole" (I actually think their cover is better than the original). I then heard clips of a couple of other songs by the band and bought the digital album, titled "Bloom". I like all of the tracks on the album, although not all of them blew me away like "Supermassive Black Hole". Some of the tracks written by the band are softer, more melodic songs, and to be honest I think I am most impressed by them when they rock it out. I think that as they continue to write and to perform their original songs will improve and become more polished as they develop their distinctive style... as indicated in the title of this review, they are a young band and I see them as still developing their style and their songwriting talents (Bethany, their vocalist and I believe the main songwriter, has only been with the band for a few years at this point, while Trevor and Wade have been together off and on for several years). I just heard a preview version today of a new cover song they are about to release and I look forward to hearing a lot more from this excellent band. Well done, guys! That's the generic "guys", Bethany... :)

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